Stash is a private photo, video, and document organizer that protects your privacy very well. There are two sets of passwords. One if the real one that gets you into your pictures and documents. The other is a fake one to give out to whoever you want. That password gets them into a fake account with what ever picture you put in it. You also have a panic gestures that will go to google maps. So no one will be the wiser. Although it would be better if you could have the panic gesture go to instead to any app. You can also have play a  slide show  use it as a  web browser that does not leave a trail in Safari and it has a download manager.

Stash is the most advanced privacy app on the App Store with so many unique features that it is a must have.  Stash Pro supports all photo formats and most video formats. Documents formats that are supported are PDF, Office, iWork and text. You can import from USB through iTunes, Photos app, or copy and paste. Bulk imports can be done with zip files or Stash’s custom Photos picker. You can export your items to iTunes file sharing, to the Photos app, or as email attachments.  One of the best things about Stash Pro app is that it appears as ‘StP’ when installed.  Ability to disable iTunes backups of Stash’s content for increased privacy and faster sync times is a great feature is something you should do right away.


Pro: This is a great app that protects your privacy. It can also save you from many issues with work or relationships.

Con: The con is when you forget your password you are out of luck. No fail safe. .

Cost: $3.99

Aye/Nay: This is a Aye. This program has been moved to my home screen. It’s that good. $4 is worth it.

iTunes Link: Stash Pro

By Rubens Saintel

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