Forecastica Premium for iPad is for anyone that is really into making money in the stock market. It is a very helpful tool that lets you look at stocks and determines where they will be in the future based on a lot of variables.  You  can look up any stock on many markets and get a clear reading on what the stock is going to be doing. Forecastica Premium lets you look at what stock price changes might be in the next 4, 8 and 12 days out.

You can look at about 150,000 stocks in 79 global exchanges. The Company Screener feature is a cool simulator that trades based on algorithms. It starts off with $25000 for every company in your portfolio. It then shows you the money you would have made had you followed the forecasting algorithm used by the app. It’s a big told you so built into the app. They are very confident that it works.
Profit Calculator shows what your hypothetical profits might have been if you had traded by using the app.  The most consistent and reliable measure provided by Forecastica is the Short Term Volatility indicator. The indicator measures the volatility of a stock over the past 90 days.

Pro: The app is a great tool for day traders more so than long term investors. Long term investors usually invest and forget.

Con: The app works pretty well. The interface is a bit too plain. Not much to work with. There is a learning curve that is not explained well in the FAQ. All these things are minor though.

Cost: $4.99

Aye/Nay: This is a Aye. This program has worked to create me a profit which is what it said it would do. If you follow the instructions which are color coded. Red for sell/green for buy you can not go wrong. $5 is worth it.

iTunes Link: Forecastica Premium for iPad

By Rubens Saintel

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