CraigPro is a program that takes browsing for ads on Craigslist a easy task. The program is better than any other app out there. It is even better than using the website because it is organized based on that you want. You can search by pictures or just titles if you wish. The locations are the same ones that are on the website.  Depending on the topic you want you can even search by sub categories as well.

You can save ads that you like as favorites. There is not a limit of how many you have. You can also email a post right from the app. If there is a code, the program will  be able to recognize that and let you enter it in. There is never to need to go anywhere else. You can do everything Craigslist related from the same program. You can post and login with your assisting Craigslist account.

Pro: The app stand heads and shoulders above anything else.  The best Craigslist app out there.

Con: The app takes a little bit to load anytime their are post with pictures.

Cost: $.99

Aye/Nay: This is a Aye. This app has been updated to 2.91 . It’s that good. $1 is worth it.

iTunes Link: CraigPro for iPad

By Rubens Saintel

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