iMessage works great  it is fast and responsive. There is not a way to change email addresses to just a nick name and add an image for such a person. I have tested it out and all I can say is that BBM for iOS should have released last year as it was rumored. The only thing that can make iMessage better is if it were integrated with AIM, Gtalk or MSN. Although playing nice with others has never been something Apple likes to do anyway. Please note that  iMessage seed 2 will be unable to communicate with iMessage users on seed 1. Also note that video and audio attachments can now be viewed in the transcript in conversation.

WiFi Syncing
In iOS 5.0 beta 2, wireless syncing is now available for the Mac only. It should be interesting to see how well this work. It requires iTunes 10.5 beta 2 and OS X 10.6.8 or Lion. You will see an option to enable wireless syncing when you connect your device to iTunes with the USB cable. It is recommended you do a sync with a cable after restoring your device.

That is right. The same jailbreak being used now will work on beta 2. If should be interesting to see if the Jailbreakme that is reported to come out Sunday will work on iOS 5 beta 1 or 2.

How To get WiFi Syncing Work in detail:

  1. Install iOS 5 beta 2 on your iOS device.
  2. Install iTunes 10.5 beta on your computer.
  3. Plug your device into your computer and open iTunes.
  4. In iTunes under the summary tab for your device, enable “Sync over Wi-Fi connection” and sync your device via the usb connection.
  5. Untether your device from USB, and your device will still be recognized by iTunes!
  6. Drag and drop files from iTunes to your device, and wipe the tears from your eyes as you watch Wi-Fi sync work for the first time.
    This is it, you can now WiFi Sync with iOS 5 Beta 2 to iTunes 10.5 beta 2.

By Rubens Saintel

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