It seems that Comex is having a little fun with us much like GeoHot use to before he started working at Facebook. Comex has updated his JailbreakMe website. It was expected to be updated last Sunday but nothing happened. Well its updated now, sort of. Rumors say JailbreakMe will work with iOS 4.3.3 and more importantly support iPad 2.

What loyal fans got instead was a new design to JailbreakMe not the hack. Comex site now states “it’s been too long.” A reminder that he has been working on JailbreakMe for just as long as we have waited for it. The page now has his GitHub comments but not much else. From the looks of it he has been working on Jailbreak me since last year. That is a long time to be dedicated to one jailbreak. One wonders if it is the iPad 2 that has caused the long delay. There have been and continue to be jailbreaks for all other devices running the same iOS 4.3.3 and some running iOS 5 beta 2.

Those of you waiting for an iPad 2 jailbreak are just going to have to continue to wait. Although Comex has been teasing us with “Sunday is Funday” on Twitter; a release date has never been solid. Now with betas of iOS 5 out thus indicating a new firmware update on the way. Will Comex hold on to whatever jailbreak he has or as other jailbreakers in the community put it “waste an exploit?”

Comex has been working on JailbreakMe for almost a year, so a few more months may not be a big deal to him. As a great fan of SBSettings it’s a big deal to me and I’m sure to other users out there as well. On the other hand, objectively speaking holding it until the release of iOS 5 would be the best thing to do to ensure wide usage. Then again he could release it as soon as tomorrow. We just have no idea at the moment. Soon as it does come out, it will be promptly installed on this writer’s iPad 2. Until then I wait patiently like all iPad 2 owners.

By Rubens Saintel

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