Swype is one of the best keyboards out in any OS. It has ling been a staple in the Android world where choice is more than a word it’s a way of life. The iOS does not let you install anything onto of the standard keys. As always, where Apple fails to deliver the jailbreak community does. The typing system was ported to the iDevices as a tweak for the iOS keyboard on the alternative AppStore Cydia. The creators of Swype have stated that they have a version for iOS devices ready to release but can not since Apple does not let developers submit apps that enhance system functions like the default keyboard.

So don’t expect to see an official Swype for iOS anytime soon. One wonders why they would nit just release it on Cydia themselves. As much as I love Swype I have to say you must skip this tweak. This tweak is full of bugs and does not use Swype’s technology, just Swype’s name. The CEO of Swype Mike McSherry said the port that’s on Cydia is a “hack”. I also agree. I love hacks and jailbreaks but this one does not work well at all. I would say hold out for version 2. The port is very buggy and doesn’t come with Swype’s familiar “blue line” for the keyboard.

By Rubens Saintel

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