I actively began my weight loss journey exactly three years ago. What’s interesting is that I didn’t venture down this path on purpose, and I have yet to achieve the goal I set out, but I am not deterred. I have lost a lot of weight, which has improved my health, but I certainly didn’t get here on my own. No – there were a lot of late night phone calls (which often included tears) to my boyfriend who was always supportive of me in this process. In addition to improved nutrition and a vast array of workouts, I also relied heavily on iPhone apps, as well as my Apple Watch.

Over the next two posts, I am going to review different types of apps and how they might benefit you as you work towards your new years’ goals. Keep in mind, these aren’t apps to just help you get in shape. But rather, to help improve your overall health.


3 Minute Mindfulness

When Apple updated watchOS to include the Breathe app, we all discovered just how important it is to take a moment to relax and breathe. I certainly use this app quite a bit, and I do find that it helps me to relax. Which helps my overall mental health. But 3 Minute Mindfulness does more than just help you stop and breathe. It helps you to relieve stress and anxiety, focus on what is happening right now and improve your sleep. The app includes different breathing exercises for different occasions and even weekly programs to help build good habits. The other great thing about this app is that you don’t need an Apple Watch to use it. Regardless of which app you choose- meditation and deep breathing is great for your overall health.



Fitbit is one of the most popular step trackers on the planet. What’s great about this app is that it doesn’t even require you to buy a physical tracker. You can use your iPhone accelerometer and GPS information, in conjunction with the Fitbit app to track your steps, distance, calories burned and more. You can also keep track of your sleep habits, heart rate, and weight – if you have compatible peripherals. A great aspect of this particular app is that you can challenge your friends to see who can get the most steps. I am regularly invited to join these challenges, and I regularly lose. I guess that means I need to improve my stepping game!



Streaks is a habit tracking app that lets you set up new good habits and helps you to break old bad ones. If one of your new years’ goals was to cut back o drinking, then Streaks will help you achieve that goal. You can create daily habits to make or break any kind of habit that you ant. You can connect Streaks with your Health app to automatically keep track of certain data. And bonus – if you have an Apple Watch, all of your step, heart rate, exercises and move goals are already set in Streaks.



Reflectly is one of my favorites. Why? Because keeping a journal isn’t easy, nor does it come as second nature to a lot of people. The great thing about this app is that you don’t even have to write a lot in order to start the habit. Reflectly gives you prompts in order to start talking by asking questions. For example – how was your day? How are you feeling? If you get through these questions and don’t want to write any more – you don’t have to! If you’re ready to take the journey into daily journaling, then you will want to start with Reflectly.