There are no logos on the Hertz cars so you don’t feel like promotion. Take note Zipcar. I am already paying stop using me! Ok I digress, other difference between the two are as follows.

You are not restricted by the ’round trip’ rule. Hertz On Demand gives you the option for one way rentals. Unlike Zipcar with Hertz On Demand allows you to pick-up a car at one location and drop-off the car at another location. Hertz On Demand says they have over 100 locations in greater New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., the Hamptons and Hoboken, NJ where you can drop off the car. The thing is that is not true. You could not pick up a car from say Bethesda, MD and drop it off in New York City. Not all locations are one way enabled. The only available One Way Locations are Hoboken, New York, Oklahoma City and University of Central Oklahoma.

One very cool and working feature of Hertz On Demand if you live in New York is its ability to let you drive yourself to the airport and leave your car at the Hertz rental facility at JFK, Newark and LaGuardia airports.


Zipcar is everywhere including other countries. Hertz On Demand’s big limit is that there are not a lot of places that you can get a Hertz On Demand. Boston, MA! Chicago, IL, Denver, CO, Hoboken, NJ, New York, NY! Oklahoma City, OK, Park Ridge, NJ, San Francisco, CA and Washington, DC.


Also the prices are not close as it may seem. Zipcar gets the vote for more locations, better prices and great promotions. Hertz On Demand is a good first step into the market but Zipcar is the Apple of the short term card rental business.

By Rubens Saintel

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