Forward by Rubens Saintel

So the little one told me that she wants to be a writer. I was please to hear such great news. As before she wanted to be an actress and a dancer. Not that there is anything wrong with those professions mind you. I asked what she wanted to write. To my surprise; she has been working on a book. I asked to read some of her work. It covers tech, time travel, teleportation, friendship and so much more.  Enjoy…


Chapter 1: Let’s Take a trip

“Understood?” said Mr.Barnes in his loud, firm voice. I snapped out of my little world. “Understood” I moaned with the rest of the class. ” What did you say!?”, asked Cami. Kamal gave her an ‘are you crazy!?’ look. Kamal and Cami are my best friends in the whole wide world. Kamal was the brain of the group and Cami well-“Camila! Please raise your hand next time!”,said Mr.Barnes as kids snickered at Cami’s outburst. “Mr.B, it’s Ca-“,Cami tried to explain. She was interrupted. “It’s Mr.Barnes, Camala!”. The class snickered again. Cami rolled her eyes.

“I was saying that I have to go to the office and get Mrs.Shmirtz permission to show you all the machine. We only have it for one day, then it goes back to the museum. It cost over eight-hundred dollars, so that is why you must not touch this until I come back. Now again. Am. I. Understood?!”, he explained again in an even deeper tone. This made the class, not moan, but scream “Understood!”. After he closed the door of course the first thing I do is run up to it.

I don’t think it was because I found it interesting. Well, that was probably half of the reason, but the other half was ‘sorta like.. Well, you know how your parents or teachers say one thing, but they made you so mad before that you just have to do the other? Yeah, that’s probably what it was. As always, Cami was second to follow, not wanting to be left out. Then came Kamal, saying “Guys! Guys! No, guys! No!”, as she followed us, trying to keep us out of trouble.

We looked at the odd shaped machine. Kamal tried to stop Cami, but she had already touched the oddly shaped button. Now I know what you’re thinking: Lights flashed! Gears turned! Colors swirled and sparkled! Newsflash! That is so cliché! What really happened was I just blinked in the class was gone. In fact  every thing was gone.

That is except for me,Cami, and Kamal. Oh, and did I forget to mention…there was a log cabin and covered wagon beside a dusty trail!?! Sorry to yell. It’s just that we had traveled in time! We where in the 1800’s I think. I didn’t really pay attention in history, it was basically my nap time. “Where in the 1900’s…” mumbled Kamal. Kamal,unlike me, super glued her eyes to her books and gave her undivided attention to every teacher! So right away, I knew that she knew what she was talking about. We where in fact in the 1900’s. At least that’s what we thought until… “Wow, guys! Look at this cabin! It’s so fake looking!” ,said Cami. She had recovered from her shock and replaced it with awe. “um, Cami? Maybe you….”, started Kamal.

I snapped out of my shock.
Kamal was the kind of girl you could always trust. You see, she ‘sorta had these, whada’ you call them? ‘Warning devices” in her head. When she senses something wrong, or in her case not logic, her brain lets of these sirens and bright lights. Cami obviously didn’t hear Kamal,or just didn’t care, because she started moving her finger to the cabin. I looked towards Kamal. You could see a glint in her eyes. This. was. not. good. “Um, Cami. May-maybe you should not touch” I was cut off. How rude! “Zee, calm down! I don’t not what you saying, but tell me later. I’m busy!” She said the last two words like a mother who was late for work, but her child wouldn’t get off. ‘hmp!’ , I thought. ‘Maybe she deserves what ever’s ‘comming to her’ I looked at Kamal. I could see the sirens still going. I smiled. I hoped these sirens where a bad thing.

Before I could even blink, Cami’s finger was on the cabin. The whole wall fell. “What the?!…”, was all Cami could say, because she was cut off by a women surrounded by children on the inside of the fake wall. “Oh, kids! It looks like are shelter fell!”, the women said to the children. Almost as if she didn’t even see me, Cami, and Kamal.  The children didn’t seem to either.”M-mrs.Fetsko?”,asked  Kamal.

Mrs.Fetsko? What? “Our kindergarten teacher?”,I asked. I looked at the woman again. It was Mrs.Fetsko! Our favorite teacher! Me,Cami, and Kamal all met in kindergarten.  “Mrs.F! Hey!!! It’s me, Cam-Cam! Hey!”, Cami screamed and waved her hands just to get the teacher’s attention. Cam-Cam was what the whole kindergarten class called her. Kamal was called Camel. She wasn’t to fond of it at first, but it grew on her. Mine was kenzie. Oh! Let me introduce myself. Mackenzie Lee Shaw at your service! Anyway, back to the story.

“Huddle!” I said immediately. Me and the girls, right away,where in our emergency huddle. We became even better friends the day we made our emergency huddle. It was based on the time we had our first soccer game together.”What’s so important that we need to huddle,Zee?”,asked Kamal worried. There was nothing for her to worry about. I just wanted to sa-. “Yeah! What’s the big idea Zee?!”, said Cami interrupting me. Again. I finally lost it.

“You know, you’ve been really irritating, Cami!”,I yelled. She’s not like this. She never was like this. Believe it or not, before this month she was nicer than Kamal. I mean it, since  kindergarten in fact. “Me!?”,Cami retorted. “You’re the one bossing me around! Oh, don’t touch this Cami! Oh don’t touch that Cami! You’re so annoying!” Kamal’s eyes widened. OK, that hurt. That wounded me. I mean annoying? How would you feel if your friend since Kindergarten called you annoying? Pretty bad I assume.

“Cami! How-how could you? Annoying?!”,Kamal stepped up. “You-you jerk!”,I sniffed on the urge of tears. That’s when a tear slipped down Cami’s cheek. She slowly turned around and walked away. She found a bolder to sit on. Surprisingly soft.My tears had gone away. I turned but Kamal wasn’t there.  Instead she was smiling at a little girl who was smiling back. They looked almost like twins,except one in kindergarten and one in fifth grade.