Sewell InjectIR

IR extenders are my best friend. They hide away boxes but leave the needed functions. It’s nice to be able to hide A/V equipment. The thing is that IR extenders tend to need to be thought about before you buy your place or equipment. Sewell has a solution for that problem. I thought this was already out by other company.

Sewell’s InjectIR system plugs into both ends of an HDMI cable. The end by the TV has an IR receiver and the end by the equipment, an IR emitter. Like a traditional extender, the IR receiver takes the IR signals transmitted by any remote and sends that signal to the emitter end where it’s broadcasted to the equipment’s IR sensor.

So it works over an HDMI cable that you most lilly already have connected anyway. Pretty nice idea. If you want to order it.Head over to Sewell. It’s Part #: SW-29660 Mfg Part #: SW-29660

By Rubens Saintel

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