Almost all professional editors complained that Final Cut Pro X was trash. That it lacked essential features that the original had. Seems that Apple finally listened to customers for a change. Apple has put an older version of its Final Cut video editing software on sale. The complaints for the first time has worked. The replacement was not good enough for professional work and it’s interesting that Apple recognized that.

Final Cut Studio, which includes Final Cut Pro 7 is available through the company’s telephone sales line. Apple has said it is clearing stock of the old software so it’s not a real win for customers but you should take advantage of this offer anyway. Apple might just be doing this so people don’t look elsewhere like Avid or Adobe Premiere Pro.

Final Cut Pro X was not compatible with some popular professional editing equipment and older versions of the software. One such complaint from Jonathan Flek was “We make TV ads, and this is unusable for our workflow.” There are many more complaints but Dermot Faloon sums it up best by saying “So many essential functions missing for production, it is staggering.”

By Rubens Saintel

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