TGIF!!! Christmas is right around the corner and I have t
say I am ready to get on with it! I only have one thing to report
today but I feel it’s the biggest best news ever. Lauryn Hill is
touring again! The tour starts in NYC on january 1 and will end in
dirty jersey in February. Although new material will not be
performed on the tour it will be coming on an album soon. Until
then the tour will consist of “faithfilled” reworks of the classic
Lauryn Hill material from 1998 The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.
Please someone go see her and get back to me on how to was!

In other worthless news the trainwreck that is lindsay lohan got
someone one fired from the Betty Ford Clinic. Apparently there was
a party involving Lindsay and alcohol that ended in a fight between
her an. The story was leaked to the press which resulted in the
loss of a job and linsday can now not leave the premises for the
holiday season. Her fame hungry parents will now be bringing
christmas to her and the Betty Ford Clinic. On the good side it has
been said that Lindsay just celebrated her 100th day sober.

Congratulations and Merry Christmas to her!
Love you Faithless