The Twitter reply below says it all.

If you’re an avid Skype user, you’re probably aware that Skype’s been suffering downtime today. They’ve updated their blog with more details.  It’s got to be bad timing for Skype (and Skype users), considering the amount of video calling I’m sure goes on during the holidays.


Now let’s take it a step further. What is all social sites went down at the same time.  No Facebook to connect with friends and family. No updated post and pictures. Then Twitter goes down. No instant news feed on what is going on in the things you care about. Skype goes down and there goes your voice calls to Grandma over seas. As you are about to type Gmail crashes too. What now? I for one can live fine without Facebook and Skype. But I need my twitter and Gmail. What is it that you can not live without?

By Rubens Saintel

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