AT&T killed off DirecTV Now just to rebrand it as AT&T TV Now. While that might sound pointless, it was probably in the works since they acquired the company. The rebranding of it’s DirecTV Now streaming service comes at a time when AT&T has at least 5 services that all have streaming content. They needed to streamline their offering and this is just a start. They still DC Universe, HBO Go, HBO NOW, HBO go, Watch TV, and HBO Max is on the way. The goal over time has always been to move everything into one single application.

If you are a DirecTV Now customer there is no need to panic. AT&T will take care of the move for you. You should have already revised an email but if not; be on the lookout for that. In the new few weeks, the DirecTV Now App will change into the AT&T TV Now app. No work is needed on your end. Even if you are signed into a network app such as E! or ESPN, you will not have to logout. However should you log out, you will need to select AT&T TV as your TV provider and re-authenticated the cable app when you log back in.

In the coming weeks, your DIRECTV NOW app will change to AT&T TV, but will continue to deliver the same great streaming entertainment. As an existing customer, your service will carry on as usual without any interruptions.


If that name change was not confusing enough. AT&T has yet another streaming service called AT&T TV coming soon. That is not be mistaken by the AT&T Now that just replaced DirecTV Now. We are not sure how the forthcoming AT&T TV service will be different other than the missing “NOW.”

Here’s AT&T’s full announcement:

In select markets this summer, we will pilot an all-new connected TV experience with no satellite needed – AT&T TV.

As we roll out this new experience later this summer, current DIRECTV NOW customers will also see a new name—AT&T TV NOW—appear on their screen.

Our DIRECTV NOW subscribers will simply need to re-accept the terms of service and their streaming will continue as usual without interruption.

Both the AT&T TV and AT&T TV NOW experiences will be accessed through the same AT&T TV app either on mobile or the big screen. Customer login credentials will determine what content appears.

In the coming weeks, the AT&T TV app will be available for download across various app stores, and current DIRECTV NOW customers will see this update automatically on their devices.

We’ll share more details on this rollout when it begins.

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