In a very short time, the Netflix show Stranger Things has become a part of the pop culture of our lives. Season 2 lacked a lot of what made the show great and instead made what seemed to be an episode of Legends of Tomorrow (Google it) but for a whole season. Thankfully Stranger Things Season 3 gets back to its roots. All the kids have together focused on a common goal. Now, this next part is very is important. Are you paying attention? SPOILER ALERT……!

Since you continued to read I am going to assume you have already seen all of season 3 and won’t be upset with me for basically showing you all the things. I can also understand why you want more. We have no idea when the fourth season launches. Best guess is November for a Thanksgiving theme. However, no one really knows. Not even the showrunners. Luckily they did stit down to share almost every movie reference in Season 3.

I am sure you like me have noticed with glee all the references from well-known titles from the ‘80s. I mean that is if you’re old enough. If you are not, 1st thing you should do is forward this post to your parents. We could use the views lol. 2nd you are in for a real trip. The ’80s were a time when everything was new. There were a lot of Strange Things happening. (yeah, I did that) Some of the references in the show were subtle Easter eggs others were like blunt hits to the head. For instance, one cool easter egg is the Murray voicemail that I wrote about in my Instagram below.

The Duffer Brothers, who are the guys that created the Stranger Things series, sat down with Wired to share with fans what movies they referenced in the show. To the surprise of no one, most of the movies that the brothers referenced in Stranger Things were horror movies. Some you are classics you have heard of such as Aliens,  ITCarrieFrankensteinGhostbustersJaws, and The Exorcist. There were others that I didn’t know and now must go fine to watch. Thanks for the homework guys. Aside from the horror movies they also referenced Star WarsETMad MaxIndiana JonesJurassic Park, and Terminator.

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Finally finished watching Stranger Things season 3 last night. This was the best season. They transition from gross to heart warming very well. No spoilers but The Never Ending Story & Back to the Future both managed to make it in an episode. My inner child was giddy beyond belief. There are Easter eggs galore like throughout the whole season. One of the Easter eggs is even IRL. If you call this number (618) 625-8313 ‭that was briefly mentioned in the show, ‬you’ll be treated to a message from none other than Murray. I wish that more shows/movies took the extra step to include fans into the world they are passively watching. I also wish video games had cheat codes instead of DLC but those days are gone. I think that’s one of the reasons the appeal & unanimous admiration for Stranger Things remains so high. The show give us a chance to relive our childhood in a way. It’s really is basically a video yearbook of our youth and Duffer Brothers are the editors. So that’s my review of Stranger Things season 3 now streaming on Netflix. Sorry not sorry for the long post. lol ___________________________________________ Shameless plug: head to for more of this kind lovely writing & insights 🖖🏾 ___________________________________________ Day 119 of my #personal #instagram #2019 #newexperience & #travel challenge. #saintelsays @saintelsays @sainteldaily @ubiquitousoriginality #liveyourbestlife #profesional #photography #strangerthings #netflix

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