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The biggest movie of all time after jumping Avatar thanks to a rerelease of 7 minutes of footage is none other than Avengers: Endgame. Soon you will be able to buy a digital copy of the movie when the Blu-ray releases on August 13th. However, you can watch all the deleted scenes that were left on the cutting room floor right here. All and all there are six total clips. Here they are in the chronological order that they would have appeared in the film.

Goji Berries

This scene introduces Tony Stark and Pepper Potts as a family living on a farm that features, among other things, Goji Berries and alpacas. The scene takes place right before Tony calls Morgan inside for lunch.

Bombs on Board

Discussing the history of the Tesseract, Rhodes and Steve get sidetracked by the accident that ended up putting the latter on ice for some 70 years, and Rhodes is just as funny as ever. This one takes place while they’re preparing the time heist plan.

Suckiest Army in the Galaxy

When Rocket watches highlights of the original Avengers fight against Thanos’s Chitauri, he mocks them for not knowing all they had to do is take out the mothership. Little does he know a haircut is on its way.

You Used to Frickin’ Live Here

Also starring Rocket, this scene precedes the action that takes place over on Asgard during the time heist. And Rocket doesn’t like who Thor has become.

Tony and Howard

We’ll file this under the “when your dead father offers you a job in the past without knowing who you are, but you’re too busy fixing the future to take it” category.

Avengers Take a Knee

Finally, the last of the six deleted scenes is the one we saw earlier this week, with all the Avengers taking a knee after Iron Man dies in that epic final battle. As I said, this scene also pulls back the curtain on Gamora from 2014.

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