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We have come to expect that subscription-based services to continue to take over various industries. It’s how we watch TV and listen to music. Long gone are the days of actually buying an album or movie to watch with your family over the weekend. Sure, you’re still making a purchase when you want to watch a show, but you’re doing it through a subscription. Like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon. But what if I told you that this concept was going to be your new way of shopping?

Subscription services are being used to keep customers hooked, which obviously helps to bring in revenue. Sure, there are many ways that companies are doing this now – think Fabfitfun. For only $49.99, you get a seasonal box with a ton of products to essentially “try” out. This amount gets charged to your credit card quarterly, and you, in turn, get a box delivered right to your door.

There are also subscription services for clothing, which I think could be useful, but do you really “need” new clothes monthly? Don’t get me wrong – I would love to come home to a new outfit once a month, but the harsh reality is that it’s just a way to get you to spend money. So when I heard that Nike had unveiled a subscription service for kids shoes, I was intrigued. Mostly because, if you’re a parent you know how hard it is to get shoes for your kids. Not to mention, they destroy the shoes almost as quickly as you can buy them, and then you’re often out searching for shoes at the last minute.

So, the big question is – will Nike Adventure Club make it easier for parents to ensure their kids have shoes? Or is this a big money grab? Before I answer this question, I’d like to also mention that there will be many parents who can’t afford Nike shoes for their kids, at the best of times, so this subscription service may not be for them. That said, parents can order shoes for kids on a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly basis. The cost of the shoes will run $50, $30 or $20 per month depending on the subscription that you choose. According to an online source, they are indicating that kids sneakers typically cost about $60/pair, so they believe you’re actually going to save money.

But I’m not sure I believe that. While I certainly understand how kids can and do wear through their shoes, or they grow out of them, but I’m not convinced that $60 is a “typical” price for a pair of shoes.

All of that said, this is a really great idea if you’re Nike as it puts the focus on the child. This is also a time saver for parents who will be able to get the new pair in the mail, without having to think about going to the mall to get new shoes. The interesting thing, in my opinion, is that Nike is taking a model that is used for things like TV and music, and applying it to their own business. Smart move on Nike, but will this actually help parents save in the end? You tell us. If this is a service that you end up using, let us know how much time and/or money that you end up saving!