Facebook continues to refine what a user can do with it’s News Feeds. Google Plus is already seem by many as a win for Google and a real competitor to Facebook.  At the moment Twitter is filling to void as the place to gather information and share it. Although technically a social network, its more like a water cooler than a hangout spot.

That said everyone loves to hang out at the water cooler. Facebook has taken note of this. The social network’s newest feature called Subscriptions lets you follow people on Twitter, sort of.  This feature combined with the recently announced Acquaintances is sure fire way to compete with Google Plus. Will it work. We won’t know just yet. Google Plus is still in closed beta.

When you hit the Subscribe button on someone’s profile, it gives you the ability to keep tabs on their updates without having to befriend them.  Some are calling it the stalk button but Facebook  thought of that too. You have the option to toggle subscriptions on and off if you’re concerned about privacy.

By Rubens Saintel

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