Tim Cook the new big Apple will hold a big media event October 4th. Now I know what you are thinking; iPhone 5. Chances are you are right but here is why you could be wrong:

  • People are citing sources familiar with the matter (Who is that?)
  • No invites have been sent out that I have seen yet
  • We are talking about a iPhone (It’s a guessing game)

Not to be  a sorry patch. Here is someone reasons why it could be true:

  • The date for the iPhone to be be released is in line with all the rumors flying around.
  • It’s right before the Holidays
  • Cook is ready to step into the lime light

This will be CEO Cook’s first time stepping up for a major event like this. He has done others but this is the flagship product.  He has waited a long time to do it so it seems only right that Cook keep us waiting no more. That being said, it really any bodies guess when the iPhone 5 comes out. We have said in our earlier posts that it would be October 10th. We still hold to that date. Our “sources familiar with the matter” tell us that date.

By Rubens Saintel

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