Facebook seems to be trying real hard to keep users from jumping ship. This however is not how to do it. In typical Facebook fashion, they have made changes without testing or getting feedback from users until after the fact.

If you’re find with the changes then skip this post after sharing it with a friend first. If you are not happy with the changes Facebook made to the News Feed, we are here to help. The addition of the ‘Ticker’ is not a welcome sight by many. Here is an easy way to go back to the old Facebook user interface for the News Feed.

Just go to your Account Settings and change your language from ‘English (US)’ to ‘English (UK)’ and there you have it. Friend Feed will change back to the previous lay-out. Now keep in mind this trick will not work forever. Facebook will update sooner or later.

By Rubens Saintel

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6 thoughts on “This is how to go back to the old Facebook News Feed”
  1. Do I have to give it 24 hours to change back? Log out and did a refresh but new News Feed still showing up.

  2. HOW TO GET YOUR FEED BACK TO NORMAL AGAIN. If you want your feed to go back to normal, hit the down arrow next to home and then go to account settings, on the left side you will see NOTIFICATIONS,click on that. At the top right is a box that says notification settings, then see the box called email frequency. Un-check that box and your feed will show all the posts again. Then go to your home page and anything in the “Top Stories” click on the down arrow in the upper right and “unmark as top story” – now your newsfeed will be setup by timestamp rather than randomly picking “top stories!” PLEASE PASS THIS ALONG

    It still shows the wording “recent posts” but if you un-mark all top stories including your own for the last several days it appears to work.

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