WordPress for iPad has an update that was very much needed. It adds basic functions that should have been in the app in the first place. You can now finally add a link with out having to type in the HTML code for it.


They also have bold and other editing features. These are welcomed but I’d still like to see the option to pick social networks, change the URL that is displayed and put a personal insert for rss feeds. Also when you upload a picture; it would be nice if it were not sent to the end of the page every time.


As it stands now I use the app than end up going to the web to finish any post that I was working on. We can’t tell you how many drafts and pending reviews there are right now, but it’s a lot. iBlogger was an option but the app crashes from time to time without any warning. I once lost a very good post because of a crash. That is one thing I can say about WordPress it is very stable.

By Rubens Saintel

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