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Sprint has jumped the gun: They have opened pre-orders a day early, like right now! Sort of

Sprint opens up Pre-orders a day early for iPhone 4S


There something’s to keep in mind

  • 1st: They only have the 8GB
  • 2nd: They have white or black
  • 3rd: They can bill your account
  • 4th: You have to pay the $10 fee even though it’s not 4G
  • 5th: This is the iPhone 4 not iPhone 4S

Fine Print:

Pre-order: While supplies last, we’ll let you pre-order iPhone 4 online only. (iPhone 4S available for pre-order Friday, Oct. 7). Order today, we’ll charge your card for your phone today and we’ll do our best to get a shiny new iPhone in your hands Friday, Oct. 14 or Saturday, Oct. 15. Ordering more than just iPhones? Please complete your pre-order package checkout and come back to order any additional phones, tablets and mobile broadband devices.

Now was not not misleading. What you are ordering is the iPhone 4 not the iPhone 4S.
Very sneaky Sprint. I foresee lots of upset people that don’t read the fine print. Well played good sir, well played.

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