Amazon’s tablet was not 4G. It was not even 3G. It was just Wi-Fi. It was not a 9.7 or 10″ wonder tablet. What it was and is remains the same.  A Kindle that happens to be able to handle other media very well. The price is the real reason it is called the Fire. $199 is like a constant fire sale for such a good product.  November 14th was the day that Apple got real competition. Not in terms of design and truth be told not in content either but in price point. When the holidays start to get close and people start to suffer from shallow pocket syndrome. The Kindle Fire sounds like a great deal.

You know you are going to get the quality of Amazon and with so man Kindles already out in the wild its not new. It does not have to fight for that name recognition.  Although reviews say Amazon’s  tablet falls short of Apple’s iPad, the point is you are not buying an iPad. You are buying a tablet that can do much of what the iPad can do at a fraction of the price. You are buying that attractive price point. You are buying the ecosystem of Amazon. You are buying Amazon Prime. Amazon’s Kindle Fire remains the No.1 product on Amazon’s site weeks after per-orders went up.

By Rubens Saintel

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