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Go vote up OnJuno at @ProductHunt! Why? OnJuno is the only #crypto friendly checking account in the States that lets users buy crypto (at 0% fees), spend crypto (with a 10% cashback), earn 6% APY on USDC and much more! @OnJunoHQ

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I have not written since I fully automated the site but I felt it was important to jump on here today. I wanted to talk about a company that blurs the lines of between exchange and banking. OnJuno is the solution to a problem that a lot of people have soon after falling down the rabbit hole of crypto investing. Namely a bank that is cryptocurrency friendly.

I could tell you horror stories about banks that have unexpectedly closed my account and frozen my funds; however instead let us focus on a bank that won’t do that. If we take a big picture look down. Crypto is still new and as such, very fragmented. It is not understood by the establishment. Namely banks and regulators just don’t get it yet.

OnJuno has leaned in hard into crypto while not scarfing tried and true solutions offered by legacy institutions. What does this mean in plain english? Picture a checking account that gives 6% interest on your crypto. Most banks give you between .1% to as high as a full 2% if you are lucky. OnJuno enables your crypto to work for you while in your checking account. You can also pay from using your crypto debit card that also gives you 10% back. At anytime you can choose how to spend. You can switch spending between cash or crypto.

You may be aware of other companies that have interest and even the ability to pay with crypto. However, where OnJuno stands alone and truly shines like no other is when it comes to on and off-ramp. You can and sell at 0% fees directly from your checking account.

OnJuno is the first of its kind all-in-one crypto platform. I have been able to do everything I did with my last Neo bank such as early direct deposit and no fees. Speaking of direct deposit, with OnJuno you can have your direct deposited and converted to crypto automatically for the ultimate DCA (Dollar Cost Average) setup. Today OnJuno is launching on the Product Hunt. This community is always at the forefront of technology and innovation. I would love it if you go vote up OnJuno there. Also feel free to join the OnJuno Discord.

By Rubens Saintel

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