Do you a tablet? Do you like magazines? Do you hate the Apple Newstand? Well Next Issue Media was hoping you would say yes to all the above.  Tablets are everywhere. As we all know Apple’s iPad has a virtual monopoly on the tablet market and as such on the magazine market. That also helps them sell everything. You can find pretty much any magazine you want to buy in Apple‘s Newsstand app. The problem is  you still have to  download each magazine’s reader app. Some of those apps are nothing but a glorified PDF reader.  Magazine publishers want some of the action that the Newstand now enjoys. Conde Nast, Hearst, Time Inc., Meredith and News Corp. have teamed together to form Next Issue Media.

Next Issue Media’s CEO Morgan Guenther said “On the consumer experience side, at least from our perspective, there’s been very little innovation. At the moment, one of the chief unmet needs is simplicity.”   The new tablet only newsstand lets users pick between different magazines for one low subscription price.  The prices are as follows; $14.99 covers weekly & monthly titles. You also can pay just $9.99 for only monthly titles. I love this idea and can’t wait to try it. Unfortunately,  right now the app is only on Android tablets running Honeycomb or higher but an  iOS app will out in a few weeks.

The only thing that people might not like is that users have to go to Next Issue Media’s website to manage their subscription purchases. You will not be able to do from within the app. That is very smart on the part of  Next Issue Media. This way they do not have to pay Apple 30% that everyone else has too. This is a very smart idea.

By Rubens Saintel

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