Half Puzzle and half platformer is not a new thing but Michael Consoli’s Against the Wall has a refreshing twist. Against the Wall has players exploring a vertical wall. Wait, it gets better.

The surface of the wall has nothing but irregularly-sized white bricks. There are whole civilizations fighting for survival on the side of The Wall. The threat of tumbling blocks from what seems like an endless sky is motivation to keep working those blocks. You need to manipulate the bricks to make ledges, stairways, and roads.

You have one character who is trying to return to his home village. To make things fun the village is nowhere close. There are lots of abandoned landmarks you can interact with. You will see settlements, expansive castles and fight dangerous creatures. There are complex mechanisms akin to Lara Croft that may help or hurt you depending how well you do.

Your only tool is a wand that lets you pull out blocks. The purpose of this is so you can scale up and up. Think jenga. I’m not a big PC gamer but I suggest everyone at least try it. Windows and Mac users can try the demo at the official site.

By Rubens Saintel

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