For anyone that has drooped their iPhone this new product is for you. It is more than a protective shield as this thing can literally take a brick.  Buff Labs’ transparent film for iPhone take more impact than most cases. They show it being tugged by a skateboard, hit by a hammer, jabbed by a screwdriver and yes, even a brick. Buff Labs  screen protector has four layers. They are called air the bubble-releasing silicon adhesive layer, a stretch resistant later, a shock dispersive cushioning layer, and a shock absorptive cushioning layer.

Buff Labs is a new company so these protectors are not in stores just yet.  Buff Labs is based in Asia so it is going to take a while for them to setup production. At the moment the only way to get one is if you are brave enough to venture into the eBay. The price tag is something like $30 to $45 per shield protector. I’m going to have to hold off until I can get this in the store or a review copy.

By Rubens Saintel

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2 thoughts on “Your iPhone may never break again thanks to BuffLabs”
  1. This product is the best Protection I ever seen for Iphone 🙂
    I have bought it now 🙂

    Realy Nice Done 100%

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