Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference sold out before some people even knew the tickets were up for sale. One guy even offered to change his name if he could get a ticket. I love Apple but I would not go that far. However I would consider going to an alternative.  Indie Developer Labs is that alternative. The organizers said “Indie Developer Labs is an open area where developers are provided with space to work, free Wi-Fi, and an open environment to connect with other developers. Our mission is to help foster the collaborative spirit of the Apple developer community. It is a place to help the developer community have a place to collaborate during WWDC.”

The organizers are Kyle Kinkade, Craig Fox and Nate True. They are will also have a  hackathon event. That may draw developers from Jailbreak community. Cydia has always been their home so this may be a way for them to showcase their new apps like Apple showcase a new version of iOS.  The Indie Developer Labs event will take place from June 12th to June 15th in San Francisco. Whats more it will be in Moscone Center which is very close to where WWDC is held.

By Rubens Saintel

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