Steve Jobs last gift to technology buffs may not be just a new iPhone or SmarTV. Apple’s next market maybe to take on carriers. So look out AT&T and Verizon Wireless. It makes perfect sense and something that Google has been working on for a while.  Apple as  a direct mobile service provider ensures that the network can not be to blame for shabby service. Apple has somewhere in the neighborhood of 250 million credit cards on file for iTunes users. That means they can just charge your iTunes account for the monthly phone bill.

Apple has a network architecture technology that will help it make the jump. They have had a patent-pending on the technology since 2006.  If Apple does have a very large piggy bank to help with the  subsidies carriers pay to keep iPhone pricing affordable. As much as I love the iPhone,  I do not think I nor anyone else but the most die hard Apple Fanboy would pay upwards of $700 for a phone.

Would Apple bite the hand that feeds it? Apple has never been one to care about anything other than a good product. They don’t about their customers wants only what Apple thinks they need. So, I think Apple will do this just as soon as their patent gets approved.

By Rubens Saintel

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