An HTC public representative in Brazil said that they HTC will be “completely shutting down their operations in Brazil.” That means that people will be out of a job but they still will be supporting existing customers with replacements and repairs. Apparently the numbers just didn’t add up for HTC. The rep said  “After analyzing the sales numbers, we have decided to pull out of the Brazilian market.”  HTC had previously also said that they would no longer make budget phones.

To be fair HTC has been losing market share for years in Brazil.  Samsung and Nokia has been too much competition for the company to handle.  Brazil is the world’s sixth largest economy. HTC will miss the revenue from that country but I guess you have to know when to fold them.  Brazil has over 26 million owners who will now look to somewhere else for there smartphone fix. I for one have not had a HTC phone since the Touch Pro2.

By Rubens Saintel

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