I know you have heard about the Super Hi-Vision broadcast of the Olympics by now right? No? Well this is 8K which is about a 33 megapixel feed. It was used for the opening ceremony in London last week. The setup will be in six locations and one of these locations are Washington, DC. Rumor has it that it will be at the Warner. The Japanese broadcaster NHK is behind the SHV feed and setting all this up. The SHV does not just stop at phenomenal picture but it also has ridiculous sound as well. 22.2 channels of sound to be exact will be pumping out while you immerse yourself in the picture. There are only three 8K Ultra HDTV cameras in the world at the moment and they are all at the Olympic games in London.

With the Super Hi-Vision you don’t get any pixels at all. It is almost like you can touch the objects or interact with the people in the picture. 4K which is supposed to be the next big thing in video media may just get skipped if the prices to produce SHV can get lower.  With a feed of 500Mb/s  the cost to send out and receive that data is going to be a premium. Then again just like people were willing to pay the extra fee for HD, 60 progressive frames per second of digital goodness might be worth it.

By Rubens Saintel

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