Stop! If your iPhone is not jailbroken stop reading right now. This is only for those that have taken the leap on the dark side. Now that is out of the way. One of the few things that Android phones have over the iPhone is the simplicity in which they can take almost any song and turn it into a ringtone. UnlimTones lets you make custom ringtones and sms tones from your music and puts them directly into your settings.

I have never understood why people would pay $2 to $5 for Ringtones. $5 for a 30 second music clip is not something I could do and you should not have to either. With this app you can download ringtones straight from into your ringtones folder so you no longer have to pay for them.


Pro: The app lets you download any song and use it as a ringtone. What else could you want? Well if download ShazamTones also                from Cydia; when you use Shazam to look up a song the option to do an instant search in UnlimTones pops up.

Con: Sometimes the song the app finds is completely different song than the one you expected.

Cost: $0

Aye/Nay: This is an Aye. This is a must have program soon as you jailbreak your iPhone. $0 worth it. This app feels as though it should have been integrated into iPhone.

iTunes Link: UnlimTones (Cydia only)

By Rubens Saintel

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