BGR is reporting that Motorola Mobility’s next mobile phone an edge-to-edge screen free of a bezel. What’s more it will work with LTE networks. Google owners of Motorola have a September 5 press conference in New York together with Verizon. Like the Nexus 7 tab, this may be Google’s 1st attempt to show everyone how an Android should be. Samsung has done a good job but however they took some shortcuts to get there.

Google brought Motorola for one reason and on reason only; to lock up its intellectual property. Namely its patents so that it can better protect its Android OS. Google paid a reported $12.5 billion for Motorola and this might be the payoff. They need to do what ever they can do to fight Apple’s dominance in the smartphone market.  It’s been a slow summer but the Fall is when things heat up in the tech world. September is going to be very busy. Motorola have their press conference on September 5. Nokia is set to unveil its first Windows 8 phone on the same day.  One week later the iPhone 5, Apple’s flagship program is set to be unveiled on September 12.

By Rubens Saintel

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