Google is more than the search mecca of the internet. They are for a lack of better words the custodians of our history. By “our” I mean the whole race. They do not skip any cultures. The Cultural Institute is a virtual gallery and stories of different parts of the world. How they became who they are and where they came from. In one gallery Google covers South Africa’s history from Apartheid to a democracy. Some of the historical exhibitions tell a story about famous artwork. There are over 40 exhibitions that use videos, pictures, music and documents to tell the story behind major historical events. Watch the video below and explore the Google Cultural Institute.

Some events that are worth seeing are:

  • Tragic love at Auschwitz – the story of Edek & Mala, a couple in love who try to escape Auschwitz
  • Jan Karski, Humanity’s hero – first-hand video testimony from the man who attempted to inform the world about the existence of the Holocaust
  • Faith in the Human Spirit is not Lost – tracing the history of Yad Vashem’s efforts to honor courageous individuals who attempted to rescue Jews during the Holocaust
  • Steve Biko – a 15-year-old’s political awakening in the midst of the Apartheid movement featuring nine documents never released in the public domain before
  • D-Day – details of the famous landings including color photographs, personal letters and the D-Day order itself from Admiral Ramsay
  • The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II – an account of the 1953 Coronation including color photographs
  • Years of the Dolce Vita – a look at the era of the “good life” in Italy including the fashion, food, cars and culture

By Rubens Saintel

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