In the way is this news section of technology. AT&T has once again been rated as the worst carrier of all carriers by Consumer Reports. To be honest we can not remember when AT&T was not ranked the lowest. It all stated with a product they were not ready to handle on their network. AT&T should say thank you for the boat loads of money and bad reputation. Verizon on the other hand was ready for what the iPhone could do to their network. The most expensive carrier by far is also the most reliable. Thus Consumer Reports has it as the highest-rated carrier. Verizon did well in voice and data service quality.  Something that we did not see coming for any carrier is that Verizon also got great marks for its staff knowledge and how the staff resolved issues.

AT&T may have had the lowest rated score out of all carriers, however to be fair overall Sprint and T-Mobile were “middling to low marks” according Consumer Reports.  Surprisingly as bad as AT&T is it was rated as having the best 4G LTE network. Clarification,  LTE users on AT&T reported the least problems out of all the networks. Verizon still has the best coverage.

By Rubens Saintel

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