There is an app for that is not only a fun catch phrase. Noticeably apps are more and more being paired with tangible real world products. One such case is with an app called Automatic. The app and product are a new car accessory kit. They connect to your car so that you can understand what is going on with you beloved vehicle. The accessory plugs into your car’s service part.

What you may not know is every car in the US since 1996 comes with this service port. The official name is OBD or on-board diagnostics. The OBD gives you information about the car’s speed, gas and detailed error reports. So, if this information gets sent from the port to the Automatic adapter which intern sends the info to the app on your iPhone. The information can help you save money on gas as well as find out what that “check engine light” means.  Not only that but what a solution is to fix the issue and information about good mechanics nearby.

The app Automatic beeps when it detects rough braking, speeding or rapid acceleration. These are all things that kill your gas. At the end of the week the app gives you a driving score. If you are competitive this part could motivate you to get better scores and in doing so save gas/money.  A very OnStar type safety feature of the app is it’s ability to send out  a free crash alert to emergency services with your name, location, and vehicle description. Automatic Link costs $69.95 and the company has started taking pre-orders today and expected to ship it in May. Get it before it sells out.



By Rubens Saintel

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