This might be a rumor but if it is, Samsung and Jay-Z need to jump on this ASAP! It seems that Samsung is close to finalizing a deal with the person who has been the blueprint for how to turn rap into mass sums of income outside of music.  Jay-Z is an entrepreneur featured in everything from XXL to Forbes. The Samsung deal could be worth upwards of $20 million to Jay-Z.  Now take this news with some salt because this information comes from an “unnamed source” so says the The New York Post. The Post is speculating that Jay-Z might want to develop a music-streaming service.

Now, this is just not plausible because Jay-Z is a leader not a follower. There are way too many music streaming service already on the market. The hook to grab people’s attention is that Jay-Z would use the service to promote the acts on his Roc Nation imprint.  Jay-Z could take it a step further and cross promote. He could use his Roc Nation Sports agency clients to market Samsung phones. His hands are in so many things that it could be a never ending promotion.



By Rubens Saintel

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