1st I would like to say that Kickstarter is not the end all be all places to mark your marks as a new product. There is more than one  smart lock coming in the near future. Goji wants to raise $120,000 on the site Indiegogo. Goji’s design is very well done and is very interactive. The lock displays a blue text that greets the user by name. The lock has bank-level encryption. As an extra feature the lock will also take a picture who enter in through the door. You use your phone to unlock the door. Just in case you somehow lose your phone, the lock also comes with a fob and standard key. Goji’s will stores in December for $278. No stores have been named yet but I see this hitting Brookstone. Below is their direct sound bytes.

The Goji Smart Lock

The Goji Smart Lock is a beautifuly designed deadbolt lock in brushed metal. It incorporates an elegant blue text display which welcomes you by name when activated. The display also shows the lock status, and dates and times of entries and exists. Its elegant simplicity fits with any home décor.

The Goji Smart Lock is UL listed.

Goji sends picture alerts

The Goji Smart Lock takes pictures of who is at your door and automatically sends you picture alerts to your mobile phone, providing you with real-time information about who is accessing your home. You can also choose to receive real-time app and text notifications about all the activity around your Goji Smart Lock to your mobile phone. All activity is recorded and logged by the system, and it is available for review at any time via the Goji Mobile App or from your online account.

Send Goji Electronic Keys to anyone, even for a specific date and time

With Goji, you can send electronic keys to your home to anyone via text or email, and you can set up the access to be unlimited or to include specific date/day and time parameters. No more worrying about getting back your keys from guests or renters. With Goji, you can securely send electronic keys to houseguests or home service professionals (housekeepers, dog walkers, contractors, etc.) so they can access your home using their mobile phones. You can cancel or change the electronic keys parameters at anytime. This is also a great feature for people who rent their homes to short-term guests through sites such as Airbnb.


The Goji Smart Lock works with key fobs and traditional key backups

The Goji Smart Lock is optimized to be used with your smart phone, but you can also program Bluetooth Low Energy fobs, that you can use to lock and unlock your door, similar to the way a car’s remote works, but with additional personalized time and date access rights. Fobs are great for children and older people who don’t carry smart phones yet, or if you want to go for a run and don’t want to take your smart phone with you. The Goji Smart Lock also comes with two mechanical keys as backups in case you ever need them.


Never again dig in your purse or your pocket for keys

Goji´s Mobile App also enables you to automatically lock and unlock your door using your mobile phone without having to take it out of your purse or pocket to activate it. The Goji Home Deadbolt Lock recognizes if you are coming from the street to open the door, and recognizes if you are leaving your home to lock the door automatically if you wish to have it this way. Also, the Goji Home Deadbolt Lock knows if you are at home, so it will not open the door as you approach your door before you know who is at the other end.

Works with all Mobile Phones

The Goji Home Deadbolt Lock connects with your smart phone using Bluetooth Low Energy. The connections are coded with bank-leve encryption to assure your electronic safety.

Simple to install, do it yourself

The Goji Home Deadbolt Lock is design to be totally do-it-yourself. It is easy to mount on the door, with a simple WIFI set up. The system walks you through every step. It´s battery operated, with advance app alerts and tex messages informing you when the battery is low.


By Rubens Saintel

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