apple eats android


Apple is not going anywhere. Don’t listen the hype. The Apple TV is the innovation that annalist are waiting for. Not the Apple TV that is out now but the Apple TV set. Not to mention that  the iWatch will change the way people look at their wrist the same way people look at their phones now. Apple has acquired to help it on that path back to the forefront of innovation. If you have never heard of Matcha.TV you are not alone.  The iOS developer is known for its “second screen” companion app that  lets users watch TV or streaming videos online.The app was a basically an enhanced TV guide for Netflix and Hulu as well as provided personalized recommendations.’s app has already been pulled from the App Store. It has not been confirmed but rumor has it that Apple only spent less than $2 million to buy

Apple brought for the long-term improvement of its devices for now though they have iPhone 5C & 5S to get people excited again about the company. Since Steve Jobs Apple has been really bad at keeping anything under wraps. We have seen a lot of Apple’s “iPhone 5C”. The highly anticipated phone is due out this fall. Rumor has it in the middle of October but it could always be sooner or later. Details have been leaking for months about the low-cost phone. We have seen parts in  high quality photos and even mockups of the phone. The iPhone 5S has not been any better at keeping under warps. Sonny Dickson posted a high-definition video that pretty much leaves nothing to the imagination. It closely goes over the iPhone 5C housing in a side-by-side comparison with the current iPhone 5 and older iPhones. We think that the iPhone 5C will be unveiled right next to the iPhone 5S  on September 10th. The video is below of the new iPhone 5C. Android may have a fight on its hands after all.


By Rubens Saintel

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