I love Tivo. Every DVR on the market owes royalties to this company. That is all and true but I will not be buying a Roamio. For one the price is is not reasonable in the least. For two the selling point of being able to scream from anywhere is not active until later on. The Roamio Plus and Pro both include integrated TiVo Stream functionality in your home network. The new Tivo Series 5 aka the Roamio has a new interface which runs much faster thanks to an upgrade in hardware. You can have up to six tuners and 3TB of storage. That’s a ridiculous amount of space and tuners to record your HD content. What to Watch Now is coming to TiVo Central and there are new guide filters to help you find stuff to watch. THe system also uses a new HTML5 engine for a revamped YouTube app and Netflix.

All three models also include a new RF remote as well as WiFi (It’s about time Tivo!), but only the top two feature MoCA. The Roamio, Roamio Plus or Roamio Pro are $199, $399, and $599. Don’t forget it is not a one time time. You still have a monthly service fee.

By Rubens Saintel

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