Private Photo Clouding Badge

Private Photo Clouding Badge is a small electronic device linked to an online service that allows you to find photos of you that have been posted online, and then cloud or delete them. It was designed with privacy protection in mind. It’s like having your own EMP at all times but that only works on cameras.

Have you ever been surfing the web and ran into a picture of you that you did not take? Or been on Facebook and noticed  you have been tagged in a picture without your permission? You feel your privacy has been invaded. Hopefully you won’t become a meme. You know, where people’s faces get placed with other silly pictures or words. Now a days smartphones are great digital cameras. What is worse they all have always on internet. With just one press  your picture could be in the wild. What if there was a way to stop that? Will there soon could be. Private Photo Clouding Badge protect you by using two components: a badge and a website. The badge has two modes: active and inactive. When you want to prevent pictures from being taken, wear the badge on your collar and switch it to active mode. It will use an electronic signal to interfere with the camera and make the photos cloudy.
When you set the badge to inactive mode. Anyone can take pictures of you and whats more; the badge will code the photo. This code overrides the camera (or other device). The code is cannot be modified or removed even when the photo is edited in software. You can use the Private Photo Clouding Badge website to look up where your picture was taken. If you want you can delete it or add a raindrop filter to obscure your image and protect your privacy direct from the website. This would work after the fact that it is in the wild.  The design of the future service was done by TDLAB. The designers are Choe Jeong-Gyu, Jo Ara, Lee Jae Hyuck, Moon Ji Sung. We can not wait for this little baby to come to market.

By Rubens Saintel

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