MyGlass for iOS was out yesterday for only a brief moment before it was pulled from the AppStore. No one is sure was this done because Google requested it or was it Apple just being..well.. Apple. Seems it was because the app may have hit stores a little pre-mature. Google has released a major update, dubbed XE 12. The update finally lets Google Glass work seamlessly with iOS devices. This is just one more step for Google in its quest to bring the Google Glass to the mainstream.

Google Glass no longer needs a third-party app to take pictures. You can not just wink. Also Google Glass gets more social. Glassware adds Hangouts, SMS,  video calls and YouTube.  You can also perform video uploads directly from Google Glass. Glassware for Google Play Music also gets a nice update. You can now look for or play music via playlists.

XE 12 update also lets you screen lock the Google Glass when you take off the glasses. Google also got rid of the  “Sent Through Glass” signature from SMS signatures. Unfortunately it is still on emails.  Guest Mode was removed in this update so please take Google’s advice and create a demo account.


By Rubens Saintel

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