Google’s recent robotics purchases may have you wondering what is next. You can stop wondering now. Google has bought DeepMind. A small AI company from London. Google paid $400 million for DeepMind. That sum amounts to pocket change for Google. So let’s look at the stat sheet. Self driving car, check. Big robot that can walk and run, check. Artificial intelligence for said robot, check. Queue in Tormentor theme music.

Google is building Skynet. Google has all the components to build Skynet. Google is also one of the few companies with the ridiculous amount of funds it will take for R&D. DeepMind states it works on “general purpose learning algorithms.” So far the company has worked on games, e-commerce and simulations. However DeepMind has worked with NASA to launch an AI research lab last year. What is next for the company? Maybe a smart thermostat that can answer your questions or monitor your whole home. Google did recently buy NEST after all.

By Rubens Saintel

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