The 1st Macintosh




The Apple Macintosh turn 30 today. This iconic Mac computer changed the way people looked and thought about computers forever. Apple feels the say way. They have released a video tribute to mark the occasion. The video has a lot of people from around the different industries that value the change in thinking the Macintosh represented at the time. The video has Moby, Maki Sugimoto, April Greiman, Daito Manabe, Hans Zimmer, Tinker Hatfield, Iris van Herpen, John Maeda, Noemi Trainor, Nick Knight and Theodore Gray. These are all pioneers in their fields and innovators that are recognized at the most creative  people on the planet. They talk about the Mac that started it all as well as about other Apple products. They expand on how it has helped them in their everyday lives as well as work. Apples own words and video are below.



By Rubens Saintel

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