Get used to that because I am sure it will become a house hold name in a matter of months in the same likes that and geohot are. This is more than a forum or website this is a 600 plus community of well informed and creative jailbreakers.

Although the site is fairly new the creator of the site has been on the scene for quite a while and has only now decided to step from behind the curtain so to speak to stand tall in the lime light. Only time will tell if this good or a great move. So far this site seems to be on a fast reliable server. Don’t ask about ipa’s or apps. That is not what this site is about or is it? I would not tell you if it was because piracy is not a thing that should be glorified. Thus I will say this; CauseFX a community that prides it’s self on being a place where any and all information on the jailbreaking scene can be found. Look for it to do great things and look for more post as it grows.

By Rubens Saintel

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