Haiti has a very bad rep even though it is arguably one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean. Haiti for years has been the stepchild of the Dominican Republic even though they share the same island. Haiti is very rich in history. The country gained its independence in 1804. In fact while America was still bursting with slavery, Haiti was the first and only independent nation in Latin America and the Caribbean.



Haiti was put on the list places not to visit if you cared for your safety last year. This year things are looking up. The country thanks to a very big tourism push, Haiti has been granted the green light as a place to go visit. Huffington Post also has listed as a top place to visit in 2014. There are new flight service to Port-au-Prince from New York City and Fort Lauderdale via JetBlue. That is not the only thing only positive that has come out of the push. Major international hotel chains have taken notice of the country. Best Western Premier Petion-Ville opened a few months ago. Marriott International also has a hotel under construction in the Port-au-Prince. The hotel isexpected to in 2015.

It’s not all good news for my motherland. The  U.S. Department of State still has a travel warning on going to Haiti. To be fair the U.S. Department of State has a warning in several countries around the world. In fact Haiti is near the bottom of the list on the Travel Warning page. Mexico, Egypt, Israel, Mexico and Colombia are all listed before Haiti. Great amounts of U.S. citizens visit Haiti each year.

By Rubens Saintel

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