As if Verizon didn’t charge enough for its services. It now wants you to pay more. He wants you to pay more for Internet access than your neighbor. That seems fair if you have a higher tier of service. Verizon and every service known to man already does this.

Verizon is already throttling Netflix just weeks after a court ruling killed Net Neutrality. That is the word on the interwebs anyway. Since comcast’s payday from Netflix to let the traffic flow, other service providers are trying to do the same. Verizon is trying to do the same thing. The fear is that if Netflix pays the cost of the heavy network traffic it will pass the cost to subscribers.

Verizon’s CEO said:

“It’s not just service providers that should pay more. It’s only natural that the heavy users help contribute to the investment to keep the Web healthy. McAdam said on Monday, according to IDG News Service. “That is the most important concept of net neutrality.”

McAdam also feels that the FCC needs a set of rules that govern the Internet and these rules should be for ISPs as well as content providers such as Apple, Netflix and Google. He also wanted to let everyone know that Verizon is not in anyway shape or form using bandwidth prioritization practices on it’s network.

Verizon’s CEO also said:

“We make our money by carrying traffic. That’s how we make dollars. So to view that we’re going to be advantaging one over the other really is a lot of histrionics, I think, at this point.”



By Rubens Saintel

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