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The streaming music market was already a very competitive before Beats jumped in and made waves. Samsung who is never one to be left out the next big thing, wants to play too. So, Samsung has officially entered the music streaming market with a brand new Android only app. The app which you can download now on Google Play is called Milk Music. What will Samsung do to set this streaming music service apart? I’m glad you asked; Milk is completely ad-free without any subscription fee at all. However, hold on before you hit download. Milk Music is a radio service will be exclusive to Galaxy devices.

samsung milk

Just like with all the other music services, you can create your own station based on a artist, genre or song. Milk’s home screen looks very similar to a current jailbreak for the iPhone called Spin Turns. The dial lists nine genres to pick from. After that you can fine-tune your station to include new music, popular music or anything you have favorited. You can even personalize the dial to include only the genres you like. This will save you time searching for songs to discover.  that you plan on listening to. Like Beats Samsung Milk has a “Spotlight” section that is curated by “music tastemakers and influencers.” Milk Music is now available on Google Play. Remember, you need a Samsung device for it to work. The full press release is below. The jailbreak app called Spin Turns is pictured below that.


Spin Turns available on Cydia


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