Lytro sat back and watched Nokia and countless apps step on its focus changing technology. However the HTC M8 and the new Google App may have been what pushed them over the edge. So they have introduced the Lytro Illum. Just like its little brother before it can change the focus of a photo even after you’ve taken it.

The the Lytro looks a lot more like a DSLR than the little block tube that came out before it. The Illum has a finger friendly screen, that DSLR standard grip and 8x Zoom with a fixed f/2.0 aperture.

The Illum light-field camera lets you adjust focus, perspective and depth of field of any picture you take. The magic happens by absorbing and recording all the information that comes through the lens. Once that is out of the way, the camera creates pictures that can be altered. To alter the picture you can use the touch screen right on the camera. Just tap on the spot you want to the focus changed. What I would have liked to see it built in Wi-Fi or bluetooth for communication to your mobile device. Most high end DSLR cameras have a way of storing your pictures in the cloud via Wi-FIor manipulating the camera via  a mobile devices.

Just like the last Lytro, the llum does not come cheap. The new Lytro Illum goes on sale in the States for $1,599. If Lytro wants to play with the big boys it needs more than a big boy price, it needs big boy features. Post focusing pictures has made its way into the AppStore and most recently Google Play. There is no word on when the company will bless the rest of the world with this expensive app I mean camera.

By Rubens Saintel

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