Apple is going all out with the YouTube videos for Earth Day. There is the “Better” video that looks eerily like the new Johnny Depp movie Transcendence. Now Apple would like to introduce you to its newest addition to the family. Campus 2. Apple Campus 2 will thousands of Apple employees that live around the Cupertino area. This is not going to be just another building people. This is Apple we are talking about. Campus 2 is going to be “the best office building in the world.” The building looks like a circular mothership and I for one am ready to be beamed up.

The idea is to bring California back to Cupertino. Many of the trees that are now planted at the site are poorly adapted to the environment, which is why Apple is planning to transplant the strongest trees and supplement them with even more resilient species. By the end of construction, 80% of Apple Campus 2 will be green space.”~ David Muffly, Senior Arborist at Apple

The building will also be one of the greenest buildings in the world. That is one of the reasons why Apple is welcoming you to it today on Earth Day. For 75% of the year the building won’t use any heating or air conditioning. The design allows it to use the natural airflow. For those times when great vent design wont cut it the building will run on 100% renewable energy. Once complete in 2016 the building will have one of the largest solar arrays in the world. Check out the video below for a first look at Apple Campus 2.


By Rubens Saintel

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